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Prefabricated House(TOWN21)

Prefabricated House(TOWN21)

SHRC “Prefabricated House” is a lightweight steel framed building that consists of factory-built components that are assembled on-site to complete the unit with high quality and short construction time.



Advantages of prefabrication

On-site construction works are minimized, and construction time is reduced using our in-house design and factory-built components which are standardized materials. The quality of prefabricated house is stable, and provides the comfortable space.


Wall panel with high insulation effect

SHRC Prefabricated buildings use self-developing “rigid urethane foam infusion panel” as wall panel which is superior in the insulation and durability. It is hygienic without including water because it uses a color iron plate on the both sides. It’s beautiful panels of three-dimension impression with bending on the outside.


“Recycling & Ecology”

SHRC prefabricated buildings which are made of reusable and standardized materials can be dismantled, and is easy to relocated, which are reusable buildings with less waste.

TOWN 21 Series Standard specification

Frame   Lightweight steel frame axis structure
Floor   Wooden floor panel t=90mm
Roof Flat Roof deck (Galvalume steel plate) t=0.8mm H=88mm
Wall panel Outside Color steel sheet t=0.35mm
Insulation material Rigid urethane foam
Inside Color steel sheet t=0.35mm
Housing part Doorway Aluminum sash of slide with glazed sliding door
Window Aluminum sash of slide with glazed sliding window
Ceiling panel Color plywood t=2.3mm

*This specification may be changed without a notice for improvement.
*The photographs may show the things except standard specifications.

Standard size of SHRC prefabricated house

SHRC standard module 1K=1820mm

The size is selectable by 1820 mm pitch.



*Proof stress column and brace are needed in more than 10K of longer side

Inner pillars are not necessary for narrow side of 5K (9100mm) or less, but inner pillars are necessary for more than 5K of narrow side, and the size of long side is free.

TOWN 21 Series Standard specification

Office 11m×7.4m×2F(162.8m²)
Temporary medical Office 16.5m×7.4m(122.1m²)
Company dormitory
Warehouse 18.3m×7.4m(135.4m²)
Emergency temporary house
Temporary school building

Figure of dimensions

SHRC standard module 1K=1820mm
*Warehouse by TOWN Series 6K×10K One-story house H=4.0m

Ground plan

Sectional detail drawing