System House R & C

Unit House(FLEX-S)

Unit House(FLEX-S)

SHRC Unit House is a prefabricated house of box type, which can make large space with connecting unit houses.



Short construction time, Easy to relocate

Building work time of one Unit House is about one hour by 2 persons. It’s easy to relocate because it’s movable as box or folding structure.


Flexible layout

SHRC Unit House can make large space with connecting unit houses, and can lay out doorways and windows freely.


Comfortable space

SHRC Unit House is superior in the insulation using “Rigid urethane foam” for wall and “Glass wool” in ceiling, and is hygienic without including water because it uses a color iron plate on the both sides. There is no dead space without the projection of the pillar. The lighting is implanted, and there is no feeling of pressure in the house.

FLEX-S Series Standard specification

  S30 S40
Frame   Steel frame
Floor   Waterproofing color plywood t=12mm
Roof Roof deck (Galvalume steel plate) t=0.5mm
Wall panel t=42 Outside Color steel plate t=0.27mm
Insulation material Rigid urethane foam
Inside Color steel plate t=0.27mm
Housing part Doorway Aluminum sash of sliding door
Window Aluminum sash of sliding
Ceiling panel Color plywood t=4mm (Glass wool t=50mm)
Lighting 2 places 3 places
Ceiling implantation type
Outlet Wall 2 for one set, one place
Ceiling 2 for one set, 6 places
Facilities   Ventilation fan and the hood, Sleeve for air conditioning

*Because it is a simple building, in the case of the use in a storm, heavy snowfall, the severe cold, please talk to our Sales Dept.

One box or continuous boxes depending on your use and requirement

Event facility
Temporary Office at construction site
Warehouse (6 Boxes)
Office (6 Boxes)
Office (2 Boxes)
Warehouse (2 Boxes)

Figure of dimensions

Ground plan

Sectional detail drawing

Continuous unit houses