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Terms and Condition

1.About this agreement

This agreement is applied to all relations between System House R & C Co., Ltd. (SHRC) and a person (called "the user" as follows) using this website that is owned, operated, and maintained by SHRC. It's considered that we had consent of the contents of this agreement by this website being used by a user.

2.Agreement about this website use


This website is available free. We do not have a fee or the fee for use

2).Observance of the rule

The user shall observe this agreement on using this website service.

3).Prohibited matter

The user shall not have to perform the following acts on using this website.

*Act to disturb the administration of this website
*Act to modify the information on this website without getting the consent of SHRC.
*Act which transmits or writes a harmful computer program etc. in this website
*Act which becomes others, and transmits or writes information in this website
*Act that might infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of SHRC.
*Act in violation of laws and ordinances or the act that might be violated.
*Act to violate this agreement or the act that might be violated.

4).Change of the contents of the service

Without the agreement of the user or consent, SHRC. may change, stop or cancel service to offer on this website. SHRC shall not take responsibility for all disadvantages, damage that occurred with the change, stop or cancellation of the service.

5).About a link

The link to other websites exists in this website. Other homepages to access through these links are independent from this website, and the SHRC does not have any management authority about those homepages. About all damage that occurred by using those websites, SHRC. shall not take any responsibility. In addition, the user shall obey that rule when there are "Terms and Conditions" in the access.


SHRC is not guaranteed about the accuracy, integrity or usefulness of information offered in this website. SHRC does not take responsibility whether the information that arrived at the computing system of SHRC, or whether the information that comes in the computing system of SHRC. is content identical to the information that the user transmitted.
SHRC does not take responsibility for damage of the user who occurred by disappearance of the information by the stop of the apparatus for by natural disaster, line disorder, the obstacle or maintenance, a delay or a miscarriage or manipulation of the information by the third party or a leak.

7).Management of this website

SHRC may entrust a certain trust third party with all or part of management duties of this website. In that case, it shall remain in effect even if this agreement employs you between the user with the third party concerned.

8).Interruption, stop of this service

SHRC can stop some or all of this service without notifying users in advance when it corresponds to any of the following reason.
When performing maintenance of the system of this website periodically or immediately, when management of this website is difficult, such as a fire, a power failure, and a natural disaster, In addition, when SHRC judges the suspension of this website or a stop to be necessary in use or a technique.

9).Change, revision of the agreement

SHRC can revise this agreement without the consent of the user. Change or revision validates it unless this agreement has special fate since the contents were listed on this website, and, with a mention, it’ll be considered to have consent of change or revision of this agreement.

3.About the use of data

1).About handling of the personal information

SHRC respects privacy of the use in this website and tries for the protection. When this service is used, there is a case to ask about the information (called "personal information" as follows) such as the name of the user, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address, but SHRC does not sell personal information or loan it out. In addition, SHRC does not disclose personal information to a third party except the following cases.
When SHRC entrusts a third party with all or part of this website management including the computer operation subject to confidentiality of the personal information. When it is agreed to disclosure of the personal information, when disclosure is demanded based on laws and ordinances.

2).About intellectual property rights

Products placed in this website, service documents, copyrights such as the technical information, other intellectual property rights belong to SHRC or the companies which consented to a publication in SHRC.
The user can use the information included in this website only in this agreement or purpose that this website accepts definitely. Other than such use purpose, it’s prohibited to reproduce, or offer the use of the third party without prior consent of SHRC or the companies which consented to a publication in SHRC.

3).About a trademark

A trademark, a service mark and logo displayed on this website belong to SHRC, which are protected legitimately. You cannot use these trademarks without the prior written consent of the affiliates of SHRC.

4.Attention about a publication product and the publication article

1).The thing except standard specifications may be included in the photograph of the product including "Construction Example" used in this website.

2).It is unavoidable and may change the dimensions, weight, materials of the products written in this websites for improvement and safe security.

3).About a trademark
A trademark, a service mark and logo displayed on this website belong to SHRC, which are protected legitimately. You cannot use these trademarks without the prior written consent of the affiliates of SHRC.

5.In addition, (including the legal regulation)


It is not the thing which any influence and trouble produce in the effectiveness of other articles except the article concerned, a lawful act and application possibility by any chance when each article is judged in these agreements by a court if invalidity is illegal or inapplicable either.


When a dispute occurs about this website, it assumes Tokyo District Court an exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.